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Experienced Child Support Lawyer in Temple

Experienced Child Support Lawyer in Temple
When a custody dispute takes place, calculating child support is typically the next step. As your child support attorney, James M. Whorley works with individuals seeking support for a child in Temple. This money is never intended to support the former spouse, as there are separate programs for that. Instead, these funds are typically given by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to cover food, housing and clothing.

How to Obtain and Enforce Agreements

If you are the custodial parent and are looking to obtain child support, it’s important to work with James M. Whorley and our team of professionals. Support is generally based on the arrangements made for custody, each parent’s financial situation and the specific needs the child has. Our role is to help you present an accurate depiction of your situation so that the order is appropriate and fair. If the other parent has been ordered to pay child support and is behind on payments, we can help you take the appropriate action to enforce the order with the backing of legal penalties for non-payment.

Understand the Calculations

For the court to calculate child support, there are many things that will be looked at. As a child support lawyer, our role is to help ensure the numbers portray an accurate depiction of the financial situation. Some of the factors we might discuss include:
  • Child care costs including special education
  • Your earning history
  • Tax and other support obligations
  • Your income
  • Your and the other parent’s time spent with the child
  • New spouse income
  • Disability, medical costs, retirement benefits and insurance

Skilled Attorneys Serving Belton, Killeen and Beyond

Your children deserve proper support. Contact James M. Whorley today at 254-742-0420 to speak with a child support modification lawyer who can help in Belton, Killeen or Temple, and let’s get your case figured out.