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Skilled Lawyer for Child Custody Cases in Temple

Skilled Lawyer for Child Custody Cases in Temple
A custody dispute can get ugly when children are treated like assets that need to be split up. As your child custody attorney in Temple, James M. Whorley and his team make the rights of your kids their first priority. Of course parents want what’s best for their kids as well, but it can be hard to see what is truly the best solution when so many emotions are involved. With a child custody lawyer by your side, your children are more likely to come out on top. Every decision we make and every decision we encourage you to make will focus on their rights.

Preparing for a Dispute Over Your Children’s Guardianship

Whether you are trying for full custody or joint physical custody, there are some things that might come up during the dispute that you can prepare for ahead of time. For example:
  • Expenses – The legal process involving custody of children can be a huge expense. It’s important to not let that cripple your view on what is best for the kids. Speaking with our representatives will help you financially prepare for what is ahead.
  • Contention – If you are already in a contentious relationship, the divorce probably won’t make it any better. You will need to shield your little ones from as much of it as possible. With our support, you can move ahead with confidence, without letting the contention impact any decisions.
In addition to expenses and contention, there are spousal issues and concerns that you should take note of before court or mediation. This will help us wade through everything that has happened in order to make the best decisions for your child.

Adjusting Visitation Schedules in the Belton and Killeen Areas

To learn more about child custody in Belton, Temple or Killeen, contact James M. Whorley today at 254-742-0420. As a child support attorney, we are here to help you understand child custody laws and get you and your children through this difficult time.